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Vestle is the new compare forex brokers canada name of iCFD ltd, an online brokerage better known as iForex. This broker is based in Cyprus and offers Forex trading as well as online trading uk. Vestle offers different types of markets through CFDs, including trading online on cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices, as well as equity CFDs.

best uk trading platform is regulated in Cyprus by the CySec. But despite this regulation, it turns out that this broker has bad brokerage practices. Many of his clients are not satisfied with his services. The trade name change is actually due to the many bad reviews left on the various forums about xm bonus $30 After our tests and research on forex no deposit bonus, then Vestle, we conclude that it is better to find an alternative to Vestle.

Account opening

An uncompetitive offer with only one type of account available.

Vestle only offers one type of account with which you will have access to the different markets through trading cfd. This is a Standard account. Unlike its competitors, the aussie forex does not offer an ECN account. On this point, we can say that Vestle’s offer is not suitable for professional traders.

Deposit and withdrawal

Several deposit and withdrawal methods available.

nz forex trading offers a number of ways to deposit funds. In addition to the basic deposit methods of wire transfer and card deposit, there are a variety of electronic legacy fx to choose from, such as Neteller and Skrill.

For withdrawals, you will be able to use the same method as that used during the Forex Canada, as long as the amount of the request does not exceed that of your deposit. In other words, to withdraw your profits from the Vestle forex trading in south Africa platform, you must use a bank transfer.

Trading platforms

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

forex Australia is a platform owned by the broker. It is quite intuitive and allows negotiation in a friendly way. There are all the basic tools to manage trading positions, including risk management tools such as stop loss and take profit. forex brokers accepting canadian clients also includes a graph that allows technical analysis to be carried out.

Vestle’s online trading uk  offers the same functionality. It is well designed and very ergonomic.

Trading fees

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In terms of fees, the the best broker in south africa is not very competitive. Not only does it not offer an ECN account with tight spreads, but the spreads on the standard account are rather wide. The EUR / USD spread is around 2 pip, which does not suit any day trader, let alone a Forex trades and reviews  However, Vestal does not charge commissions on your positions.

Financial markets and products

Vestle offers over 600 assets through CFDs.

 In addition to Forex currency pairs, the most popular forex usa traders  are available. You can buy CFDs from Alphabet, Apple or even Amazon.

The most traded indices trading brokers are present on the platform. You will find metals such as gold and silver as well as energies such as gas and oil in the form of trading uk. Vestal also offers the trading of Forex currency pairs in the form of CFDs. There you will find over 80 currency pairs including the less traded exotic pairs like NOK / SEK.

Vestle offers a few exchange traded funds and a few ETFs in the form of CFDs to day traders.


In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Vestle provides its clients with several tools to conduct their trading properly. This includes fairly advanced risk management tools like OCO (One Cancels the Other) orders, which allow multiple orders to be placed at a time, which automatically cancel when a position is taken in the market.

On Vestle’s online trading Canada platform you have access to a graph to analyze the market and a number of technical analysis tools. The platform is well enough equipped to allow you in-depth technical analyzes. You can also choose to receive trading signals on the platform. These signals are also available on the Vestle mobile app.

Customer Support

Several ways to contact them. Support below industry standards.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The cm trading live account offers customer support in French and English. You can contact her by email or call her on the phone. There is unfortunately no live chat on the site, which would be handy to have quick answers to various questions regarding their trading platform.


No trading training offered.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

While there was trading training on Forex, Vestle does not yet offer training on its site. On iForex, the training consisted of videos, tutorials and pdf that you could download in exchange for your email address. For customers who prefer reading, articles were also available. Overall, the training was of good quality. Vestle is expected to add training to its site soon.


A regulated but disreputable broker.

Vestle is regulated by CySec , which means that it is authorized to offer its services in Europe, notably in France. However, it is important to note that the broker indulges in unsavory practices. 

Vestle’s support is known for its aggressive phone marketing, calling customers to force them to take big risks in the markets. Vestle is still on the black list of the MFA , but the broker and the parent company should not soon be included.


Despite his apparent professionalism, Vestle is a disreputable online broker. Many of the clients contacted by us told us that forex trading platforms australia services are very basic and customer support particularly slow at the time of withdrawals.

The name change is a strategy to be able to be reborn in the sphere of online trading. However, the parent company still remains the same and Vestle still remains uncompetitive.

Since its creation in 1999, FXCM has grown steadily to become a major player in online Forex trading. While based in London, the broker has multiple branches around the world and some of them are regulated by financial market regulators.

Compared to its competitors, FXCM offers few assets for trading. However, the broker emphasizes the robustness of its platform and the many research tools it offers.

FXCM’s offerings are aimed more at industry professionals. Traders trading large volumes and those interested in high frequency trading will find on FXCM the tools and conditions necessary for successful trading.

Its flagship platform, Trading Station, offers many tools dedicated to automated trading. In addition, it integrates with other third-party platforms. FXCM also offers very resourceful trading training.

If you are interested in high frequency trading or if you are trading large volumes, FXCM is the broker for you.

Account opening

Opening an account is simplified and done entirely online, but verification can take several days.

With a few exceptions, FXCM accepts clients from all over the world. It should be noted however that, since 2017, the broker no longer offers its services to US residents.

How to open an account?

From the account opening form, you choose the type of account and its base currency. You continue by entering your personal information: name, first name, address, etc. FXCM will need to verify your identity before you can make a deposit. So check the accuracy of the information you enter before confirming.

After opening your account, you will have to submit the documents requested by the platform to perform the verification. To verify your identity, a copy of your identity card or passport will suffice.

You will then need to provide a copy of an invoice from service providers such as your water or electricity bill. The address on it will serve as proof of residence. A certificate of residence is also accepted in the event that you do not have an invoice in your name.


In terms of leverage, FXCM complies with the rules established by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA). This aims to protect customer accounts by reducing their exposure in the market. Here are the maximum leverage you will benefit from on FXCM.

For major currency pairs like EUR / USD, USD / JPY, GBP / USD the leverage is limited to 1:30. For other currency pairs as well as index and gold CFDs, the maximum leverage is 1:20. This goes down further to 1:10 for other CFDs and commodities listed on FXCM. For cryptocurrency CFDs, the leverage is only 1: 2.

Professional clients can benefit from higher leverage effects. In this case, CFDs can have up to 1: 200 leverage. They can trade major currency pairs with a maximum leverage of 1: 400.

Deposit and withdrawal

The minimum deposit at FXCM is € 300. This deposit gives you access to FXCM’s Standard Account . To benefit from the Active Trader account and its reduced fees, it is necessary to maintain the minimum equity of the account of $ 25,000.

FXCM offers you a choice of several base currencies for your account: Euro, US Dollar, British Pound, Swiss Franc, New Zealand and Canadian dollars.

It is important to choose the base currency of your account carefully, in order to avoid paying additional conversion fees when making your deposit. Indeed, if the currency of your bank account is different from that of your trading account, conversion fees will apply to the transaction.

There is no charge for deposits on FXCM. You have a choice of wire transfer, card deposit, as well as Skrill, Neteller and Union Pay e-wallets.

The bank transfer is the method with the longest delay, the transaction can take up to 4 working days. However, your funds will be immediately available for trading if you use the other deposit methods.


For card withdrawals, FXCM does not charge you a fee, but wire transfer withdrawals come with a fee that depends on the base currency of your bank account.

Withdrawals by electronic wallet are not accepted. We therefore recommend that you deposit your funds by wire transfer or by card, this way you will use the same option for withdrawal.

Bank transfer takes an average of 4 days, while card withdrawal is often processed in less than 3 days.

Trading fees Active Trader Account

Large volume traders will pay low spreads on FXCM. The Active Trader account has one of the most advantageous spreads in the industry. The account is however only accessible to traders who maintain the minimum account equity of $ 25,000.

With the Active Trader account, you will only pay $ 25 for $ 1 million in traded volumes. This is equivalent to € 4.5 for 1 lot traded, i.e. € 2.25 when the position is opened and € 2.25 when it is closed. Compared to the number of pips, the trade costs only around 0.5 pip, in addition to the spread which is relatively tight.

The Active Trader account is well suited for active traders: from day traders to high frequency traders to scalpers. The spread on the EUR / USD Active Trader account is 0.2 pip on average.

Only a handful of brokers offer such low spreads. Below is the average spread of the most traded currency pairs during their active market hours.

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